COCONUT OIL FOR HAIL BEFORE AND AFTER   Coconut oil can be extremely beneficial for the health of your hair, this oil is infact a...
Coconut Oil for Hair Before and After Using Coconut Oil for Hair Benefits

Coconut Oil for Hair Before and After Using Coconut Oil for Hair Benefits


coconut oil for hair before and after 

Coconut oil can be extremely beneficial for the health of your hair, this oil is infact anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. It prevents dandruff, detoxifies the scalp and moisturizes the scalp and hair, protecting them from sun, wind, pollution, and other damaging impurities. 

The essential fatty acids it contains bind to proteins in hair, strengthening the roots and strands in order to reduce breakage. When used to massage the scalp, coconut oil improves blood flow, ensuring that hair receives the oxygen and nutrients it needs to grow. 

Before And After Pictures of The Use of This Oils on The Scalp And Hair

coconut oil for hair before and after

coconut oil for hair before and after

coconut oil for hair before and after

coconut oil for hair before and after

Coconut oils contains also anti-oxidants and vitamins E and K, which leave hair softer and beautiful. Another important acid contained in this oil is the linoleic acid, which helps hydrate hair and improves elasticity, preventing breakage.   

5 Remedies of Coconut Oil for Hair Benefits

Try all the methods below until you find the one that works best for you

1. Coconut Oil 

  • Warm a Jar of Coconut Oil in warm water
  • Wash hair with warm water and use fingertips to apply coconut oil on damp scalp. Massaging in circles for 3 minutes to boost the circulation Comb oil through hair, cover with shower cap, and leave on 1 hour or leave coconut oil in hair overnight.
  • Rinse with warm water, wash with natural, sulfate free shampoo, and tower dry. 
  • Conditioner is not necessary as coconut oil serves the same functions. 
  • Repeat 3 times a week. 
  • Note: you can apply oil without wetting the hair 

2. Coconut Oil With Lemon Juice

  • Mix coconut oil and lemon juice in 2:1 ratio. 
  • Apply to the scalp and massage mixture for 3 minutes. 
  • Comb mixture through hair, cover with shower cap, and leave on overnight
  • Rinse with cool water, wash with natural shampoo and towel dry. 
  • Repeat nightly 
  • Note: Lemon juice detoxifies the scalp and hair to prevent dandruff 

3. Coconut Oil With Almond Oil 

  • Add few drops of almond oil to enough of coconut oil. 
  • Massage on you scalp for 5 minutes. 
  • Gently comb mixture through hair, cover with shower cap, and leave on 1 hour. 
  • Rinse with water, wash with natural shampoo and towel dry. 
  • Repeat 2 times a week. 

4. Coconut Oil With Indian Gooseberry 

  • Melt 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and stir in 1 tablespoon of dried gooseberry. 
  • Let simmer 5 minutes, then strain and let it cool for few minutes. 
  • Apply on the scalp before going to bed and leave on overnight. 
  • Rinse with warm water, wash with natural shampoo, and tower dry. 
  • Repeat twice a week. 

5. Coconut oil With Castor Oil 

  • This process moisturizes scalp and conditions hair, prevents split ends and promotes healthy hair growth. 
  • Add sufficient amount of castor oil to coconut oil. 
  • Separate your hair into 2 parts and apply from scalp to tips. 
  • Wrap in warm shower cap or warm tower, and leave on 2 hours or overnight. 
  • Wash with warm water and natural shampoo and towel dry. 
  • Repeat 3 times a week. 

That's all for this article, i hope you enjoyed it and this article can solve your problem about how to use coconut oil for hair benefits.
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What is Alopecia, Types, Treatment For Alopecia

What is Alopecia, Types, Treatment For Alopecia

What is alopecia? basically partial or complete hair loss that occurs not only on the head, but also on the beard, eye brows and eyelashes. It can happen to anyone; male or woman anywhere between childhood to adulthood. However it is usually 70% of men and 40% of women who suffer from alopecia sometime in their lives.

what is alopecia

Alopecia is usually considered a man’s problem of balding and thinning of hair. The hair loss here is gradual, and affects the thinner, shorter and the less pigmented hair that is found in the frontal and parietal parts of the scalp. Usually, male pattern hair loss occurs because of genetic factors, and because of the prolonged effect of testosterone hormones on the central hair follicles.

Alopecia types

There are different types of alopecia, where the most common type is androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Next in line is traction alopecia, which is usually found in women who use tight hairstyles like braiding. It is the direction of the braid or the hairstyle that decides the type of hair loss. 

However, it is most noticed at the tightest point of the hairstyle. In the case of alopecia areata, hair tends to fall out to leave small and smooth round patches on the back of the head. This is a hair disease that is cyclical where hair tends to repeatedly fall off, and then grow back as fine, baby like hair.

Advanced forms of alopecia universalis and totalis

In some cases, the hair may grow back normally in an irregular motion, sometimes with complete hair loss in different areas of the head. If this is left untreated, it can lead to complete hair loss in the scalp region. This form of complete hair loss is called alopecia totalis. 

There is an even further progression of this hair loss disease called alopecia universalis where there is total body hair loss. So far, no effective form of hair loss treatment has been found for alopecia universalis. The only option one has is to use non-surgical hair replacement options to lead a normal life.

Best Treatment for alopecia

what is alopecia

To treat any form of alopecia, the hair sample has to be first sampled and if the cause is established, it should be treated. Any bacterial or fungal infection the person may be suffering from, and any dandruff or lice present has to be treated. 

Alopecia areata is best treated with intralesional injections of hydrocortisone or triamcenalone or both. Usually, more than one cycle will be required in a span of 2-3 weeks.

Those suffering from male pattern alopecia could apply minoxidil, after consulting a dermatologist. Sometimes, dermatologists may also prescribe ‘finasteride’ in low doses. Sometimes hair transplantation in the form of punch grafting, follicle unit transplant and single hair transplant may be advised by the doctor. 

Those who are not medically fit for surgery may be advised non-surgical forms of hair restoration like wigs, hair weaving, hair bonding, hair clipping, switches, falls and demi wigs. Besides all this, it is important to take vitamin and zinc supplements to control hair loss, and to promote hair regeneration. Anemia too has to be treated promptly using iron supplements.
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Best Hair Treatments Australia Women And Men

Best Hair Treatments Australia Women And Men

Australia has become one of the favorite countries of the world's tourists. Because the environment is very clean without any garbage scattered on the street. In addition, the air quality is also much better than some other countries in Asia. Best hair treatments Australia basically the women and men who live in Australia do not have to worry about the problems on the hair that can be very disturbing. Therefore basically people living in tropical climates do not require excessive hair care. But unwittingly the trend of tropical climate can also give a bad impact on the health of your hair. 

best hair treatments australia

It cannot be denied if the daily weather temperature in the tropical climate tends to be hotter that is ranging from 29 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius where the sun is very hot. In fact, sunlight is also has a good potential to reduce your hair moisture. Especially for those of you who often do activities outdoors, then your hair will tend to be more dry, dull, and fragile. Therefore in this article will be discussed on several steps treatments appropriate for women and men in tropical climates such as Australia.

Best hair treatments australia

best hair treatments australia

Before knowing several steps of daily treatments that are appropriately applied to tropical climates then it's good if you know some traits to be said as a healthy hair. The first healthy treatments feature is your hair will look shiny in all kinds of conditions but that needs to be noticed is the sparkle on the hair is not caused by too much oil. 

Sparkling hair in any condition indicates that every hair follicle gets enough nutrition and does not break. The next characteristics of healthy are not easily tangled if exposed to wind. Because the hair that easily tangled a sign that the softness in your hair is reduced and the dominance of excess oil production. The last characteristic of healthy hair is the flatness of color. 

Healthy hair tends to have the same color from root to hair tip. For Asian men and women where hair color tends to be black, the damage to the hair can be marked if the end of your hair is redder. So it is necessary to do some proper treatment so that your hair is not dry and not fragile. After knowing some of the characteristics of healthy treatments then you need to know about the right steps in doing daily treatments especially for those of you who live in tropical climates such as Australia. 

The first step is to be sure to always shampoo twice a day by using shampoo products that match the dominant condition of your scalp. Because now a variety of shampoo products with specific functions are very easy to find on the market such as special shampoo to treat hair loss or dry and oily, as well as a shampoo that is devoted to eliminating dandruff. 

After using the shampoo then do not ever forget to always apply conditioner. One of the things you need to know is that when you clean the hair using shampoo, the cuticle will open and the dirt on the hair is lifted up to the maximum. 

So the use of conditioner serves to provide protection on the cuticle and hair shaft. After that do not forget to use hair tonic on the roots of hair after shampooing to stimulate the growth.

The tips for best hair treatments Australia, you can try this tips if you are a Australian. After knowing some tips, what do you think?

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Best Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair Loss Treatment

Best Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair Loss Treatment

Food that helps your hair grow, prevent hair loss and improve hair health. In general, most people will do hair treatments regularly by going to the salon or using some chemicals that are believed to maintain healthy hair. But it turns out that way is not always true because the problems that occur in the hair is not only caused by lack of care on the hair but can also be caused by some foods that are actually good for the health of our hair, but we always ignore it.

Best Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair Loss Treatment

Hair health tips and improve hair health

Best Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair Loss Treatment
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Do some tips to make your hair health by using shampoo with apple cider vinegar, or you can avoid using shampoo with contained silicones, sulfates, and alcohols in your shampoo or conditioner. And stop to brush your hair when it's wet because this is the biggest cause of hair breakage.

However, many factors that can make the hair experience problems such as hair loss, dull, dandruff, and oily. The first factor that can make the hair experience some problems is due to environmental factors. Especially the state of Asia where the climate is more dominant to the tropical conditions so that everyday air temperature will tend to be hotter. Also in the hot weather, the sun will also be hotter which this ray can make hair become more dry and fragile. Environmental factors are already proven to have a negative impact on the health of the human body. 

In addition, it turns out the diet and the type of food that we consume it can also provide a significant impact on the health of the body, skin conditions, and the condition of our hair. Therefore this article will discuss some types of foods that can make your hair become healthier and do hair treatments are natural from within.

Doing hair treatments from the inside of the body is not as difficult as you imagine, because by consuming foods that contain high nutrition then it is actually enough to make your hair healthy. Therefore you need to know some of the ingredients that can make your hair shine healthily. The first food that is very useful to overcome various problems in your hair is salmon. It cannot be denied again that eating these fish regularly will indeed give a healthful impact on our body. 

What is the best foods for healthy skin and hair loss?

Best Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair Loss Treatment
There's many foods to make your skin health and stop hair loss but in this case, recommend some foods and you can try. This is superfoods for hair from expensive - cheap.

Salmon as one of the main food menus because it is the price that tends to be more expensive than other types of fish. But you need to know that just by eating salmon alone then your daily nutrition needs are quite fulfilled. Because salmon contains various kinds of vitamins and minerals that the body needs every day such as vitamin B12, selenium, potassium, and most importantly omega 3 fatty acids. Where the omega 3 serves to nourish the scalp so that the hair is not easily fragile.

If consuming salmon daily to do hair treatments from the body felt too difficult because the price is expensive. Then you do not need to worry because just by consuming various kinds of yams your nutritional needs will be fulfilled. Unfortunately, some modern society today considers sweet potatoes as one of the foods that do not contain many nutrients and foods that are too traditional so yams are forgotten. 

In fact consuming a variety of sweet potatoes such as cassava, purple yam, and others will be very useful to accelerate the growth of your hair because vitamin A content is very high. In addition to vitamin A, in some types of sweet potatoes also contain vitamin E, vitamin B12, and vitamin D which is widely used in various products or beauty medicine.

Eat salmon is best foods for hair and can improve hair health and prevent from hair problems, like hair loss. this food that helps your hair grow.

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Garlic to Stop Hair Fall Immediately Home Remedies

Garlic to Stop Hair Fall Immediately Home Remedies

How to stop hair fall using garlic as home remedies is the good hair treatments, Garlic is home remedies to stop hair fall and regrowth your hair. Garlic is very good to strengthening your hair, and the way to use it is very easy.

This home remedies for hair fall and dandruff, you can try everytime, because you don't need to worry about the side effects. Because this is really natural product you can try to stop your hair fall, or regrowth hair or maybe get rid of dandruff.

home remedies to stop hair fall and regrowth

How to prevent hair fall for female or male?

It cannot be denied if a healthy and beautiful hair can be the reflection of a woman. Having healthy hair can also support the appearance of women and add to the natural beauty that emanates from within a woman. Therefore don't be surprised if a woman willing to spend more for the sake of self-care in the salon such as face care, body care, and hair care. 

One of the most common hair problems that experienced by all women and men is the problem of hair loss. Hair loss does not have a harmful effect on health but this loss can be one sign of our body's health condition. Persistent hair loss will also be very disturbing because someone will tend to experience premature baldness. Therefore in this article will be discussed some of the wrong habits and hair treatments that can cause hair loss.

Probably not many realize that the use of inappropriate hair care products is also potentially causing hair loss. Especially if someone has a hair condition that tends to be sensitive. So there are some things you need to consider before determining which products you will use for your daily hair treatments at home. 

Health tips for hair fall

what foods to eat to prevent hair loss
Source: unknown
This is how to prevent hair loss tips you should try, first is never to choose a shampoo with different functions on one product such as shampoo brand that claims to solve several problems at once. Because in general, the mixture of chemicals used will be more and more complex than the shampoo that focuses to solve one problem on the hair. So a mixture of chemicals that are too much in one product will actually make your hair more fragile. Therefore choose a shampoo product that matches the predominant condition of your hair every day.

Besides doing hair treatments continuously at the salon also turned out to give a bad impact on your hair. Because in general when doing the treatment at salon your hair will soon be dried in a state that is still very wet by using a dryer that produces hot air. It turns out to make your hair structure becomes drier and cracked, so the hair will have a great potential loss. In addition, hair care such as straightening hair to look more neat and healthy it gives a bad impact on the hair if it is constantly done. 

Because the chemicals used to straighten hair with a hot temperature will make your hair more fragile. Therefore you need to do hair care naturally at home to offset the chemicals used when you do the treatment at the salon. If your hair loss is already severe and very disturbing due to the wrong application of hair treatments. 
home remedies for hair fall and dandruff
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Then you can use natural ingredients in daily hair treatments to stop hair loss. 
Garlic is one of the most powerful ingredients to reduce and stop hair loss. Because in garlic contained a good antiseptic to stop infection of the scalp and kill bacteria that worsen the loss of your hair. In addition, the sulfur contained in garlic is also very good for strengthening your hair follicles. 

The way to use it is also very easy where you just need to smooth some cloves of garlic then mix it with a few spoons of olive oil to moisturize your hair. Use the garlic mask for 30 minutes before you wash it. Then hair loss can be solved immediately.

These how to prevent hair fall using garlic, health tips for hair fall, home remedies top stop hair fall and regrowth your hair. 

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