8 Natural DIY Hair Care at Home - All Types of Hair

8 natural hair care you can make all of this at home. These natural hair care treatments will help for all types of hair, dull hair, itchy scalp, limp hair, damaged hair by sun, frizzy hair and greasy hair. Eggs, yogurt and honey are, all the ingredients of a tasty and energetic breakfast_but they also the excellent ingredients for the treatment, and affordable.
8 Natural Remedies for Hair Care at Home
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1. Eggs for all Hair Type
Certainly it will not be easy to bear the smell but to make an egg_based pack on the hair, once a month, not only make them more hydrated thanks to the proteins and fats contained in the yolk but also stronger and less fat, which contains bacteria_eating enzymes, removes unwanted oils.

How to use eggs for hair care treatment?
  • For normal hair: Whole egg
  • For oily hair: White only
  • For brittle and dry hair: yolk
Prepare a mixture to apply on your hair using more than one egg depending on the length. Apply the mixture to damp hair and let it act for about 30 Minutes wrapping the head with a towerl.

Rinse using cool water and after that continue using hair shampoo. The treatment using whole egg or using the yolk can be applied once a month, but for white_only can be applied every two weeks.

2. Yogurt and Cream for Dull Hair
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Yogurt and Cream

After spending time outside, our hair will look more dull than before. Therefore the sour cream and yogurt can be used to restore our hair. In accordance with the statement of Lisa Belkin "Lactic acid gently strips away dirt while the milk fat moisturizes" (The Cosmetics Cookbook).

How to use yogurt and sour cream?
Apply the 1/2 cup sour cream or yogurt into damp hair and leave for 20 minutes. Then continue rinse using warm water, and followed by cool water, and then using shampoo hair as your normally would. This treatment can be applied 1/week.

3. Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for an Itchy Scalp
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Lemon Juice
Just try a lemon juice and olive oil mixture, applied in your hair. Research proves "The acidity in lemon juice helps rid your scalp of any loose, dry flakes of skin, and while the olive oil moisturizes the skin on your head".

How to use lemon juice and olive oil?
Mix 2 Tbsp olive oil, 2 Tbsp lemon juice and 2 Tbsp water, then applied into damp scalp. Leave mixture for 20 minutes, after that rinse + shampoo hair. The treatment can be applied every other week.

4. Beer for Limp hair
hair care at home

Beer can be positive or negative depending on how we use it. If we drank beer it will bring negative effect to ourselves. But if we use it for hair, it will bring positive effect to our hair. Beer is the fermented drink and contains generous supplies of yeast, which works to plump tresses.

How to use beer for limp hair?
Mix 1/2 cup flat beer with 1 Tbsp light oil (you can use sunflower or canola) and a raw egg. Apply to clean, damp hair, and leave it for 15 minutes, after that rinse using cool water.

5. Honey for Dry or Sun Damaged Hair
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Whenever your hair is dehydrating, sun overexposure, only nature's sweetener can help. Research proves "Honey is a natural humectant which means is attracts and lock in moisture.

How to use honey to repair dry or sun damaged hair?
Massage 1/2 cup honey into your hair, and let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse using warm water. For extremely sun damaged hair, you can try mixing honey with 1 or 2 Tbsp avocado or egg yolk, which is will help replenish the keratin protein bonds that is UV rays attack. This treatment can be applied 1/month.

6. Cornmeal or Cornstarch for Oily or Greasy hair
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If used properly, cornmeal or cornstarch can be an excellent natural and economical remedy to remove oily or greasy hair.

How to use cornmeal or cornstarch for oily or greasy hair?
Pour 1 Tbsp cornmeal or cornstarch into an empty salt or pepper, apply the mixture to hair, and leave it for 15 minutes and use a paddle hairbrush to complete. This Treatment can be applied every other day.

7. Avocado for Frizzy Hair
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Some beauty experts swear by avocado and not only for repair damaged hair. But Avocado is very useful for skin care.

How to use avocado for frizzy hair?
Take half avocado then apply by massage into clean, damp hair. Leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing with water. To more powerfull, you can combining mashed avocado with 1 Tbsp sour cream or egg yolks. This herb can be applied every 2/weeks.

8. Baking Soda for Residue Ridden Hair
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Baking Soda
Sodium bicarbonate contained in the baking soda can breaks down anything acidic. Nothing eats through product buildup like baking soda.

How to use baking soda for residue ridden hair?
Mix 1 or more Tbsp baking soda with small amounts water, then massage into damp hair and leave it for 17 minutes. And continue rinse with water + Shampoo hair. This treatment can be applied every 2/weeks.

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8 Natural DIY Hair Care at Home - All Types of Hair