How to Make Banana Oil at Home

How to make banana oil at home - Banana oil has some important benefits, including soothing skin, slowing hair loss, moisturizing scalp, preventing premature aging, eliminating dandruff, and strengthening the immune system. Its basic usefulness affects hair and skin, although it is sometimes used in other hygienic conditions. There are some side effects that use banana oil such as gastrointestinal distress or inflammation of the skin, but they occur mainly only when an excess amount is used. In general, banana oil is not consumed orally because of the cost and relative availability of oil. Fortunately, there are a variety of topical applications for this oil.

Banana oil is a common name for isoamerite acetate, a composite membership found in the high-concentration banana peels. The oil is produced in synthetic form in factories, where it is dependent on excessive treatment. However, many people choose to prepare their own "banana oil" through the oil extraction process. This is considered a pure banana oil and can be very strong. Banana Plant is one of the most educated plants in the world, and holds the scientific name of Moses Aqumenata (most popular bananas). 

It is a great worldwide production of banana oil, but it is still not widely recognized for its numerous therapeutic effects on skin and hair. These important effects are largely due to vitamin C, vitamin B, Isoamerite acetate and other different oxidation. So here's the steps how to make banana oil at home.

how to make banana oil at home
How to Make Banana Oil at Home

7 Benefits of Banana Oil

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1. Controls Oily Skin & Hair
2. Prevents Dandruff
3. Hair Care
4. Removes Scars & Blemishes
5. Boosts Immune System
6. Smoothens Dry Skin
7. Has Anti-aging Property

How to Make Banana Oil

What do you need

* 4 Banana Peels
* 4 Tablespoons of Almond Oil

Follow this steps to make banana oil

1. Cut the banana peels to pieces and put them in a plastic bag.
2. Beat, crushed and banana peels mash till she softened.
3. Move the banana peels to the glass jar and add almond oil (olive oil also works).
4. Seal the jar and place it in a sunny place (2-3 days).
5. Don't forget to shake the jar every 1 or 2 hours.
6. Strain out the banana peel remains and store the oil in a cool, dark and dry place.

So the article I discuss here about how to make banana oil at home. If you have any questions please comment below. 

How to Make Banana Oil at Home