Home Remedies for Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Home remedies for dandruff and itchy scalp - Have you ever found yourself scratching your head because of the itch on the scalp? You're not alone. Many people suffer from discomfort in the crust, which can also be very embarrassing for the public sector. In a post-Day period, we share 5 home remedies for dandruff that will help you reduce dry scalp and loosen scalp itch.

What causes crust and what is it, anyway? Dandruff is basically a flaky dead skin cells that come from dry scalp. Technically, it's just a cosmetic problem, and the crust itself is harmless. But what causes the eye dandruff deserves some appreciation. You can follow this home remedies for dandruff and itchy scalp tips.

home remedies for dandruff and itchy scalp
home remedies for dandruff and itchy scalp

What is Causes of Dandruff Include

Oily Skin Fury

You are more prone to dandruff, if you are experiencing a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, which affects many areas of the skin, including the scalp. In this case, the scalp produces extra skin cells. When these extra skin cells Die and fall, they blend in the oils on the scalp, forming a crust.

Do not Wash Enough Hair

Brushing your hair regularly increases the blood flow to the scalp, and helps natural shedding of the skin by reducing the dandperma. Plus, it's quite handy.

Dry Skin

This is a particular issue in the winter months, cold air in the winter, a heated room at home can cause and itch the scalp and flaxen skin. The crust caused by dry skin instead of oily skin usually drops to the smallest, non-oily chips.

Using False Hair Products

If you are still unsure why you have dandruff, take a look at the hair products you use, and some hair products can cause an inflamed, itchy scalp. Hair shampoo often also can irritate the scalp more, causing a crust, so we recommend that you take advantage of a fairly dry shampoo, absorb excess oils from your hair.

Home Remedies for Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Oil Tree Tea

how to get rid of dandruff permanently
how to get rid of dandruff permanently

Tree Oil is one of our favorite essential oils! It has natural anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help relieve dry scalp or scalp itch. Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of Myrtle Tree, which are native to Australia and have been extensively used in Australia for at least 100 years.

Uses endless tea Tree Oil: It is used for making homemade cleansers, treating skin issues, treating viral infections, and of course, eliminating dandruff. What's even better: a bit of tea tree oil goes a long way.

How to use the Tea tree oil: 
  • 1. Mix 3 drops of tea tree oil in 1 tablespoon of vegetables or olive oil. 
  • 2. Massage well on your scalp and then rinse completely with water. The fragrance of Tea tree oil is a bit strong, so you could do it at bedtime or the days that you are at home. 

Also, the off-topic note side: If you ever get an unwanted pimple, touch a bit of tea tree oil on it and watch it dry on the eve of your explained. Magic.

Apple Cider Vinegar

flaky scalp not dandruff
flaky scalp not dandruff

Cider is an excellent home treatment for skin dandruff because it has probiotic and anti-inflammatory properties that kill viruses and yeast that cause itching on the skin. Their anti-inflammatory properties soothes scalp irritation caused by dandruff, while the high acidity complicates the crust to cause bacteria and fungi to grow.

Cider vinegar also acts as a light conditioner, soothing the scalp and adding brilliance and bounce to your hair. Pro Tips: Even if you don't suffer from dandruff, apple vinegar is amazing to keep your hair look fabulous during the dry winter months.

Here is how to create this crust treatment:
  • 1. Mix ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with ½ cup of water. 
  • 2. Massage well on your scalp and then leave it 10-15 minutes. 
  • 3. Rinse with cold water. Repeat this routine regularly every few days until you begin to see the results.

Lemon juice

home remedies for dry scalp
home remedies for dry scalp

Have you ever had lemon juice in the last pieces? Have you been bitten like crazy? This is because lemons contain antiseptic properties, and that is why it is a wonderful home treatment for the itchy scalp and dry scalp.

Lemon juice, like much cider vinegar is acidic, follows the changes in the PH level of the scalp and eviction of the unwanted crust causing bacteria and fungi. Remember, however, the pH level of the scalp changes throughout the day, lemon juice is just a temporary fix.

Here is how to remove the rind with lemon juice:

  • 1. Massage fresh lemon juice on scalp and leave it for 5 minutes. We recommend that you test a drop of lemon juice on a small part of the scalp-if it's really stining, then dilute the juice with water. 
  • 2. Repeat this procedure at least every day until the itching goes away.

Baking Soda

how to cure dandruff permanently
how to cure dandruff permanently

Baking soda is not only an amazing baking cookie, but is also a powerful disinfecting when it comes to cleaning something. We're talking about your kitchen, the bathroom plates, and yes... From your scalp too! Baking soda makes a great DIY dandruff shampoo as it exfoliates your scalp and prevents dandruff.

Here's how to make home remedies for dandruff and itchy scalp: 

  • 1. Mix 2 tablespoons baking soda with water until you reach the perfect paste consistency. 
  • 2. For best results, share your hair sections and apply a few drops of olive oil before spreading the paste on your scalp, and let it sit 5-10 minutes.
  • 3. Thoroughly rinse the mixture. For best results, repeat this procedure regularly-one or two times a week.

Bananas and Avocado

home remedies for dandruff and hair fall
home remedies for dandruff and hair fall

It looks like scalp juice. Bananas and avocado are excellent for treating dandruff because they are very nutritious and moisturizing, which means they can reduce the chips, inflammation and dryness of the scalp.

Avocados is rich in oxidation, which keeps skin cells from happy and healthy scalp, while bananas are large and especially scalp and hair conditioning. Besides, they smell delicious.

How to use banana and avocado as the main treatment for dandruff:

  • 1. Mash 2 bananas with 1 avocado and apply to the entire scalp where it itches.
  • 2. Leave it for at least 30 minutes. Rinse them with cold water and repeat it regularly so that the itching is relaxed or goes away.

As a result this article about home remedies for dandruff and itchy scalp, if you guys have any questions just comment below.

Home Remedies for Dandruff and Itchy Scalp